Monday, 20 June 2011

In the immortal words of the great River Song, "SPOILERS!"

I got told off the other day for putting too many GOT spoilers in one of my recent posts, so here is my big disclaimer: SPOILERS! lots of them! Big ones! Ones you won't want to read if you haven't seen/read Game of Thrones! That's the best I can do, you'll just have to restrain yourself and stop reading at the end of this sentence; this one right here.

Ladies and gentlemen; we have Dragons! Three of them, to be precise. Three cute baby Dragons who will no doubt grow up to be the scourge of Westeros. It'll be interesting to see what Daenerys does with them - I never had her pegged as the ambitious type, but what else is she going to do except use them to burn the Lannisters into the ground? They did murder her father after all, even if her father was himself a murdering psycho. Tyrion was my favourite character, but now Daeny has definitely knocked him off the top spot - she's blonde, she's invulnerable to fire and now she has pet Dragons to boot. Best. Character. Ever. (Also, I think that now Drogo has unfortunately bitten the dust, Ser Jorah and Daeny should get together. It could work).

Apart from the excitement of the Dragon babies, the final episode of the first series had lots of stuff going for it - the aftermath of Ned Stark's execution was brilliantly done, especially the close up of the broadsword which some clever props person had covered with wonderfully sticky blood and clumps of hair; it's the little details that make me happy. Sansa, who I never really had much time for, also looks like she might be about to become interesting. I predict she will eventually kill Joffrey, or herself, or perhaps both at the same time. The rest of the Starks and their henchmen, obviously furious over the death of their fearless leader, are now massing in the North and spoiling for what is probably going to be a very big fight. And, good for them, they already have Jaime Lannister in chains (paving the way for another of the episode's best moments - Cat socking him round the earhole with a big fuck-off rock).

I also liked that John Snow made the decision to stay at the wall and fight with his new black-clad brothers rather than ride south to avenge his father; definitely the right decision. Rob is shaping up to be a very capable king of the North, and John, who gets more interesting by the minute, will do much better heading North of the wall and tackling the White Walkers, whatever the hell they will turn out to be. The next series isn't coming out until this time next year, which begs the question what the hell are we going to do with ourselves until then. Me, I'm going to get to work on finding and digging up some fossilized dragon eggs.

Daenerys and the Dragon