Friday, 21 October 2011

Blog Changes

I've been making a few design changes to Welcome To The Doom Generation lately - nothing too major, as I want to keep this blog relatively simple and easy to view. However, just thought I'd go through them in a bit more detail:

At the top of the sidebar to the right of the screen there is now a 'follow me on Twitter' button to make it easier for you to do that if you wish - if you are already logged into Twitter this button will take you straight there, if not it will ask you to log in first, after which you can hit 'follow'. A little further down the sidebar is a Twitter feed which shows my five latest posts, so you can see if I Tweet the sort of stuff you might be interested in (I'll give you a clue; it's mostly movie stuff).

Just below the Twitter button you will find a shortlist of my Films of the Moment - this is a list of what I think are the best films currently on release, with links to my reviews of them. I plan to limit my Films of the Moment to five (although right now there are only three, because I've only just introduced this feature); so every time a new Film of the Moment comes along, one of the old ones will get knocked off the list. This way, you can see immediately when you visit the blog which films I am currently recommending the most.

Below the Films of the Moment is a feature which allows you to enter your e-mail address so that you will receive automatic updates whenever I post something new (I also Tweet links to all my new posts). After that comes the Twitter Feed from my account, then there is a quick link list to every review on the blog in alphabetical order; if you're only interested in reading the reviews, this is quickest way to find them all. After that is a list of what are currently the most popular posts on the blog (incidentally, the most popular post on the blog so far is this).

After that I have decided to list upcoming films that I find interesting, or that I think you might find interesting; as I haven't seen these films yet (obviously) I haven't reviewed them, so the links in the list go to their IMDB articles so you can keep up with any news about them. And that's about it for all the new features! I'm off to see We Need To Talk About Kevin this evening, so my review of that will follow either tonight or tomorrow.

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