KINOLENS is a cinema blog created and run by me, Harriet L Matthews. You can follow me/the blog on twitter @KINOLENS. Formerly titled 'Welcome to the Doom Generation', KINOLENS has been in existence since April 2011. As a cineaste and former Film Studies student, I started blogging in order to have an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on the cinema and related issues (since I was no longer putting all of my film fanaticism into my academic essays). The blog has gradually developed, and is now a platform for reviews, comment, satire and advice on anything and everything to do with cinema.


As there's only one of me, I can't promise to watch and review every new film; however, I do try to see as many as I can (albeit selectively). I choose the films which look the most interesting or entertaining, and which seem to have the potential to be truly great pieces of cinema. On the right of the screen near the top of the sidebar you'll see a section called 'Films of the Moment' with links to reviews; if a film manages to truly impress me (either in one or more of its aspects, or as an overall great film) then it ends up here. Films don't stay on the list forever though; there are only five spaces available, so when a new Film of the Moment comes along, it knocks the oldest one off the list. This way, you can always see immediately when you view the blog which current films I am recommending the most.


A cinema blog just wouldn't be a cinema blog without the odd Top Ten list - these aren't intended to be definitive, they're just for fun, and aren't sourced from anywhere except my own opinion. You can find links to them all on the TOP TENS page - if there's a particular Top Ten you'd like to see there, tweet me @KINOLENS


If I write a series of posts on one subject (such as my 'How To Study Film' series) then you'll find a list of links to them on the SERIALS page. There will also be a link to the next in the series at the end of each post.


In addition to Films of the Moment, KINOLENS also has a FILM OF THE MONTH page; this page will feature a longer, more in depth article about the chosen film, which could be either a recent release or an old classic which I feel deserves a bit of attention.