Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Shooting: Blaming the Movies

On July 20th 2012, an incident took place at a movie theatre in the town of Aurora, near Denver, Colorado. A man dressed in black protective gear, including a bullet-proof vest, gloves and a gas mask, walked into a late night screening of The Dark Knight Rises and began randomly shooting at the cinema patrons. Reportedly, the gunman set off two devices which released some form of tear gas into the theatre before starting to fire.

According to some of the surviving cinema patrons, the gunman (thought to be James Holmes, a 24 year old medical student who is currently being held by police) started firing during a shootout scene, causing confusion amongst his targets. Ten people were killed in the theatre itself; another two died in nearby hospitals. More than fifty other people were injured.

This terrible happening has sparked upset and anger from many quarters. Some have spoken on the need for greater gun control in the US, while others are concerned with more social issues; we still don’t truly understand why people decide to commit this type of mass murder, or how to prevent them from doing it.

As with many other atrocities committed by young people with guns, the discussion has inevitably turned on cinema itself. This particular gunman’s selection of a film screening for the scene of his crime, as well as his carefully chosen combat attire, is hard to ignore; once again, people are blaming it on the movies...

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Vintage Sirens

I have been slacking off with the blog posts a little recently, for which I apologise, but it's all in a good cause. I have recently nabbed myself some paid employment at a vintage clothing shop in Teddington, South West London. My official title is Internet Assistant, meaning that I will be involved with the running of the shop's website, the soon-to-be created blog and things such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Although I will be a lot busier, I am still planning to continue with KINOLENS - I've become rather fond of the old girl, after all. However, posts may be sporadic for a while longer until I settle into my new routine.

For the vintage fashion officionados, you can check out the website of the shop, Mela Mela Vintage, here. You can also follow the shop on Twitter @MelaMelaVintage, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram (our username is melamelavintage).

And so that this post isn't completely non film related, here are some of my favourite vintage style inspirations - you'll notice they're all cinema goddesses.

Jane Russell

Kim Novak

Lauren Bacall

Faye Dunaway

Marilyn Monroe

Friday, 6 July 2012

Back to the Future Hoax Strikes Again

The future is now...or is it?

Apologies for the lack of original posts this week (and in general, recently!) - I've just started a new job, which is exciting, but busy (more details about that in a few days). Did you get caught out by the Back to the Future mix-up? I didn't even know it was happening at the time, but I wrote a little something about it for Movie Farm:

Legions of Twitter and Facebook users are a little red-faced this week after falling for a web hoax based on the classic eighties film Back to the Future. An image of the dashboard of the time-travelling DeLorean was widely retweeted and shared across the internet on Wednesday, as it showed the future date chosen by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) as June 27th, 2012. In fact, the date shown in the film is 21st October, 2015.

Eagle-eyed fans of the endearing sci-fi were quick to spot the prank, but plenty of other web users were not so observant; the image swiftly went viral, being shared and re-shared thousands of times in just a few hours.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Malevolent Machinery: The 5 Scariest Movie Robots

A young Bilbo Baggins at Space Camp

There’s nothing worse than a piece of evil or malfunctioning machinery. What could be scarier than a machine that is not only crazy enough to turn against humans, but also has superhuman strength and no moral qualms about randomly murdering you and your friends just because it needs a serious virus scan and restart? Especially if said piece of machinery happens to look uncannily like a normal human being? Not much.

The movie Gods worked this one out quite some time ago; almost since the earliest days of cinema, evil androids have been enthralling film fans the world over, thrilling and terrifying by turns. Here are five of the scariest, deadliest robots you will ever find on your screen. Which one terrifies you the most?

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