Friday, 23 September 2011

Fish Custard

 I don't have a lot of time for watching contemporary TV these days. Aware as I am that there are shows out there, many of them probably brilliant, that I 'should' be watching (The Killing, Spartacus, The Wire, etc), I have accepted that I am not superhuman. There are only so many hours in the day, and I cannot afford to spend all of them catching up on the prolific episodic outpourings of every single televison network. And so, I do what any self respecting busy young ambitious working woman would do; I prioritise.

Earlier this year, I prioritised HBO's Game of Thrones. And I mean really prioritised, seeing as I don't even have the channel that it was aired on, and was therefore forced to trawl the internet every Monday morning for one single bastard link that would lead me to a working upload of the latest episode. It was worth it however, especially seeing as the series was aired in the USA on Sunday night, but not in the UK until Monday night, so that despite not having Sky Atlantic, I would still have seen the latest episode a full day before anyone else in the UK. I may not be completely culturally au fait when it comes to the latest television shows, but when I prioritise something, I prioritise it all to shit.

I miss the days of Game of Thrones, when every week, for ten glorious weeks in a row, I would have a new excuse to massively geek out in an obsessive and preferably amusing television based manner. The television show I have most recently been prioritising (or trying to) is Doctor Who. However, the reason I have not been geeking out on the internet over this show nearly as much as I did over Game of Thrones is that the jury is still out on the second half of this series, which began four weeks ago with the admittedly wonderfully named 'Let's Kill Hitler'. Up until the episode before last, 'The Girl Who Waited', my overall opinion of Doctor Who had not suffered any major upheavals (although I didn't (and still don't) buy that Amy and Rory are willing to accept the loss of their daughter quite so easily).

However, 'The Girl Who Waited'  has had the interesting effect of finally making me dislike the Doctor. Fair enough, the Doctor always was a bit harsh, a bit mad, and a bit of a twat, but he was likably amusing and heroic, and therefore the twattish mad harshness only accentuated the amusing heroism, making him all the more intriguingly likable. But, the other week, he finally went just a tad too far over the line into Mean Bastard. Fair enough; he had to do what he did. But he didn't have to do it the way that he did it. Yes it made good television, but in the world of suspended disbelief where there are no cameras or scripts, that shit just wouldn't have flown. And on top of that, Amy seems to have been fine with what her other self was forced to endure; unless we are to assume that she gave him a right bollocking 'between episodes' as it were, and they were able to sort out their differences before the opening scene of 'The God Complex'.

The one redeeming feature of this otherwise rather uncalled for plot development is that, looking back, the fact that the Doctor essentially 'dumps' Amy and Rory at the end of 'The God Complex' makes sense when you factor in the whole heap of bullshit he got them into in the previous episode. What would have made more sense is if he had dumped them off immediately after the whole Green Anchor/Red Waterfall fiasco was all wrapped up, instead of first taking them to a  suspiciously Shining-esque hotel frequented not only by their own worst fears, but also by a fucking minotaur, for no good reason I can discern.

Anyway, that's enough of that for one evening; one can only hope that the writers return to form for the rest of the series and bring back the Doctor who wears a fez and eats fish custard.

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