Saturday, 12 November 2011

Even More Blog Changes...

As you may have noticed I have been making a few changes to the blog lately, the largest of which is the new title. I decided I wanted to give Welcome to the Doom Generation a shorter, more memorable and above all more film related name, seeing as it has developed from a personal blog mostly related to my fiction writing, into a subject specific blog which is almost entirely dedicated to the cinema and film reviews.

Front runners for the new title included 'Cinephile' and 'Cineaste', but eventually I settled on what has now become the blog's official new title, KINOLENS. I was originally going to go with just 'KINO' on its own, but unfortunately that URL is already taken (the new URL for KINOLENS is

'Kino-lens' is a take on early Russian director Dziga Vertov's concept of the Kino-eye. Vertov would sometimes refer to his camera as his 'second eye' (which, when you think about it, should really have been 'third eye'!). Vertov's most well known film, pictured above, is Man With a Movie Camera, 1929, a mesmerising extended experiment in Soviet Montage. In differentiating himself from Vertov, Sergei Eisenstein (Vertov's contemporary and director of films such as Battleship Potemkin, 1925, and Strike!, 1925) described his own approach as 'Kino-fist'.

I am an eye. I am a mechanical eye. I, a machine, I am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see - Dziga Vertov.

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