Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fashionable Film: Hitchcock's Vertigo

Just come across this great article: Costume and Identity in Hitchcock's Vertigo by Iris Veysey. It breaks down all the various costumes and disguises worn by Kim Novak as Madeleine/Judy, and the hidden, or not so hidden, meanings that the clothes have in the context of the film.

Film and Fashion can sometimes fit together to great advantage, as Hitchcock certainly knew - it was his and his costume designer Edith Head's work on Vertigo that inspired me to write Bloody Footprints , a short look at the role of the blonde in film.

All of Novak's wardrobe from the black dress to the white coat to the iconic grey suit, is simple, even plain, but undoubtedly spectacular when combined with the icy blonde ghostliness of Madeleine (who, as Veysey points out, does not really exist, not even in the fictional world of Vertigo).

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